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Retrofit & Conversion
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Retrofit & Conversion

Retrofit & Conversion

In response to the international Maritime Organization’s (IMO) environmental regulations, professional engineers promptly and accurately carry out retrofit work to install eco-friendly facilities such as scrubbers, BWTS, etc., through analysis, consultation and on-site supervision.

BWTS Retrofit Work

VinePlant provides the Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) retrofit service to vessels in service that are in line with the regulations of the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) regulations.
VinePlant has a history of supplying and installing various types of BWTSs. In cooperation with Korean repair shipyards, we provide an integrated solution for BWTS retrofit work that customers can trust and be satisfied with. .

S.A.S. (Smart Air Safe)

The performance of S.A.S. has been proven to have a 99.9% antiviral effect by using a direct sterilization method. Also, it is equipped with an UV-C lamp that removes 99.8% airborne contaminants and is certified by the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL).
It can be installed on the ceiling of the cabin which gives excellent space utilization, allowing people to feel comfort and stability by harmonizing with the surrounding environment with its modern design.

E.S.S. (Energy Saving System)

Based on accumulated technology through various research and references, it is possible to save up to 80% of energy by remodeling electricity and heat exchange systems, and through this, ship operating costs can also be reduced.

Scrubber Retrofit Work

In partnership with major suppliers of SOx scrubbers and repair shipyards, VinePlant provides high-quality SOx scrubber retrofit services to global customers based on its experience in installation in various types of vessels.
In particular, VinePlant provides turnkey solution services, including engineering, material purchase, installation, and commissioning. Our solid network in Korea and across the world provides total service packages related to the SOx scrubbers, including warranty, repair, supply, and training anywhere and anytime.

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